Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The SolCatPunks?

The SolCatPunks Is A Collection Of 1.111 Cat NFTs Unique Digital Collectibles Living On The Solana Blockchain. Ownership Includes Creative & Commercial Rights Of Your Cats As Well As Initiation Into The Pack.

How Much Does A SolCatPunks Cost?

2 Sol +Gas Fee

When Is The Launch?

24/09/2021 UTC 08.00 PM

How Many SolCatPunk Are Reserved For Giveaways?

We Have Reserved Only 55 SolCatPunks That Will Be Given Away To Winners Of Giveaways, Competitions And Sometimes Airdropped To Active Owners.

Are SolCatPunks Minted At Random?

Absolutely, All SolCatPunks Will Be Minted At Random From The Smart Contract.